Uniform Color Company

Uniform Color Company (UCC), of Holland, Mich., produces and provides custom color concentrates for the thermoplastics industry. U.S. Navy Senior Chief Machinist's Mate James Greenwell nominated the employer because of their overwhelming support for him and his family. UCC leaders encouraged Greenwell to reenlist in the Navy Reserve after he started working for them. When he was nominated as Sailor of the Year, UCC purchased new Service Dress Whites to ensure he made the most professional impression. The company provided overwhelming support to Greenwell and his family during the entire deployment process, flying his sister-in-law in to babysit for his children when needed, and providing special treats for the family including a membership to an aquatic park for the children and cooking classes for his wife. The company also arranged free flights for his family to visit their grandparents for additional support during Greenwell’s deployment. Upon hearing the protective eyeglasses issued to Greenwell’s unit were uncomfortable and difficult to use in desert conditions, UCC raised funds and provided state of the art eye protection for all the unit members, including those requiring prescription glasses. “Thanks to Uniform Color’s support for my family at home, I was able to focus on the mission abroad. Knowing they were going to take care of my family made it possible to leave for my mission; and the support they provided to my Sailors made it possible to succeed in my mission. They are a role model for employers everywhere; what honest support for our Guardsmen and Reservists looks like,” said Greenwell.