Siemens Corporation

Siemens in the U.S. has over 60,000 employees and provides solutions for more affordable and efficient healthcare, the growing demands of cities and the Nation’s infrastructure needs, cleaner sources of energy production and industrial productivity. Captain John Johnson, an Army Reservist with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics in Glasgow, Del., nominated Siemens for the Freedom Award. In his nomination, Johnson highlighted the company’s new online Veteran’s Network, used to share job information and advice with more than 400 veterans and service members. In 2011, Johnson’s reserve unit was extremely active and he served a total of 58 military days. He described Siemens as “extremely understanding” of the demanding schedule and his entire military service career. Johnson also said when Siemens employees in the Guard and Reserve Service deploy, their supervisors maintain contact with them through emails, sending care packages, and providing family assistance. Siemens has partnered with the U.S. Army to allow soldiers to be stationed at Siemens facilities for training. Through their participation in the White House’s Joining Forces initiative, Siemens originally pledged to reserve 10 percent of open positions for veterans, exceeded the goal in three months and hired over 630 veterans last year. In January, Siemens announced plans to hire an additional 300 veterans in 2012. “Siemens is a company that goes beyond the normal expectations of an employer,” shares Johnson. “While working at Siemens, you can take comfort in knowing your employer is as patriotic as the Citizen-Soldiers they employ.”